- by Caroline Williams

Original score by Ed Dowie
Original drawings by Caroline Williams

Hi. Three years ago I looked after an injured owl. This doesn’t mean that I love owls. This doesn’t mean that I now want to be given cards or bags or jumpers with owls on them. Please don’t give me any more.

Caroline will attempt to tell you about an owl; she will concentrate on the facts. She may be tricked into telling you rather more than she’d planned to.

Puffball is a darkly funny and deeply personal show about fear, hope, struggle and selfhood.

‘Puffball speaks straight to the heart of our fragile, fearful souls. Tiny and epic, contemporary and timeless, I love this piece.’¬†¬†Emma Rice, Kneehigh

Work in Progress Performances 13-15 June at Battersea Arts Centre. More here.