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Violence is a system, a language, a closed fist, a threatening look, a memo drawn up on a Tuesday, a spotlight in the face of an activist or a torch in the face at a heavy-metal gig, the hum of drones overhead telling you you could explode at any minute, a button pressed, an authorisation signed with an expensive pen, a story written in frustration and rage, a video from a cave celebrating your fear, a fake vaccine, a two-chord thrash, the action of the camera, whispering itself to you as it screams from the sky.

A new work-in-progress collaboration between award-winning playwright Kieran Hurley and award-winning director Alex Swift, Violence is an unflinching investigation into the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which violence shapes our lives, providing a space for reflection on and discussion of the manifold ways, both quiet and loud, that violence projects itself into our world.

Violence will start life with a sharing on 21 June 2013 at ARC, Stockton as part of the Festival of the North East.