52 Conversations #6 Tassos Stevens

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The 6th, very long, (and very late because it took me so long to edit) conversation is with the loquacious Tassos Stevens, director of Coney. It’s involves quite a lot of wine and whisky, so if you like conversations that get significantly less eloquent and coherent as they go along, then this one’s for you… We talk about (amongst many other things) participation, the experience of going to the theatre, the practice of everyday life, what stories the theatre tells us, the books on my bookshelf, workplace resistance, gifts, being a wolf, city boys, power, imagining the audience, and i drunkenly and shamefacedly come out as a Marxist without being able to articulate what that means.

Tassos also told a very long and totally amazing story which we had to cut out to protect the innocent. Sorry.

An explanation  of the project can be found [...here...].

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