52 Conversations #1 Jennifer Jigsaw

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This year i have started on a new project – 52 Conversations. To give you a sense of what it is here’s the first email i sent out asking for people to take part:

i’m writing to ask you if you’d like to be part of a new project i’ll be doing next year. it’s called 52 conversations. I’m going to have 52 conversations. with interesting people. like you. I’ll also record and share them just in case anyone finds them interesting.

basically over the last couple of years i’ve realised that i make work almost entirely through conversation. without it nothing really seems to happen for me. i want to experiment with that, and to make some exciting conversations happen.

i imagine, given that i’m one of the people doing this, many of these conversations will probably have some kind of artistic or theatrical content, but they really don’t have to. it’s about getting somewhere we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to if we’d been thinking on our own. hopefully some of the people i’ll be talking to will be people i haven’t really talked to before. hopefully when i talk to people i have talked to before we’ll be talking in a way that we haven’t talked before.

these are the rules of 52 conversations:

- there will be one a week for all of 2014.
- we will try to have a conversation that we wouldn’t otherwise have had.
- we will try to really meet.
- i will ask you to bring along either one (1) story or one (1) idea. you can take this to mean whatever you want it to mean.

And that’s what this is. It’s not particularly designed as something public – if it’s seen as a performance it’s one for and between the two people taking part, but i’ve decided to record all the conversations and share them here in case anyone else happens to find them interesting.

My first conversationalist is Jennifer Jigsaw [http://jenniferjigsaw.tumblr.com/]. Some of the things we talked about include: ”artverts”, pain, names, being not ok, control, outsiderness, numerology, what an artist is, and, unsurprisingly, theatre

I’m afraid the sound quality is pretty awful on this one and it makes a horrible distorted noise every time i laugh. I imagine this is the universe trying to tell me that less things are funny. Anyway, apologies. I’ll try and get it sorted for the next one…

You can listen here: [https://soundcloud.com/swiftalex/52conversation-1-jennifer-jigsaw]

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